5 trick Skin Care South Korean Celebrities

5 trick Skin Care from South Korean Celebrities, Even though you are not a beauty expert, it is not difficult to see that most South Korean women have skin that is smooth like porcelain, looks springy, and looks dewy. It’s no secret that women and men in South Korea see skin care routines as an investment. Although it looks complicated, but the 10 steps of skin care they do everyday do give perfect results on the skin. If you also crave healthy and smooth skin like South Korean stars, just doing 10 steps of skin care is not enough. They also have a “secret” treatment that we can emulate.

5 trick Skin care from South Korean Celebrities

5 trick Skin care from South Korean Celebrities

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1. Jessica Jung

Warming up Actress Jessica Jung has skin that looks shining and looks smooth without pores. The skin’s perfection turned out to be obtained from the habit of “heating” skincare products after use to make it more easily absorbed by the skin. The method is simple. Rub your palms together to produce heat, then hold your palms to your face without touching the skin. Body heat will help open the pores and make skin cells more easily respond to the care products we use.

2.Song Ji Eun

Hydration As a singer, Song Ji Eun understands the importance of drinking enough to keep his vocal cords hydrated. He also maintains the health of his skin by diligently drinking water. Every day, Song drinks 4 liters of water. According to him, his habits make his skin look fresh. Water helps get rid of toxins from the body, because our body consists of 60 percent of water. That’s why fluid balance is important for healthy skin function.

3. Song Joong Ki

Use milk The secret of the skin on his smooth and clear face turns out thanks to his routine of washing his face with milk every night. Although it seems strange, but milk does give a soft end result on the skin. Some dermatologists also recommend it because it can remove dead skin cells, soothe the skin, and soothe the skin after exposure to sunlight. We recommend using raw or unpasteurized milk.

4. Irene Kim

Prevent acne The beautiful model Irene Kim has a unique way to prevent inflamed and swollen pimples. How, uapi face with warm water vapor, then compress the part with acne with toner. Warm steam will open the pores so that the toner is more easily absorbed. For this trick, use toner that contains tea tree or hazel oil because it helps reduce inflammation.

5. Ha Ji Won

The importance of moisturizers Nothing is more important for actress Ha Ji Won’s skin than moisturizing. According to him, the use of moisturizers is the most important thing among all other skin care. After washing your face, he will immediately use jelly pack to restore lost moisture. For him facial skin should not be left to dry for more than 3 seconds. That’s why he always put facial mist products in the bathroom so he can spray them immediately after washing his face.