7 Natural skin care tips for your face

Tips for your face

7 Natural skin care tips for your face

Having a dull face must be very annoying right? Because the dull face gives the impression of being less attractive. Facial skin that looks dull and not glowing will make the performance of your appearance to be reduced. Of course this will affect your level of confidence.

7 Natural skin care tips for your face
7 Natural skin care tips for your face

Having a bright, clean, fresh face, and looking blush certainly is everyone’s dream. Not surprisingly, every person is willing to do various ways to treat the face so that the white shines. Many who flock to the beauty clinic and are willing to spend deeply to be able to get maximum care for a bright, radiant face.

But, that does not mean to get a bright and shining face is always expensive. There are a number of ways to naturally treat white faces that you can do yourself at home. Well, the following ladieshunt summarizes from various sources , how to skin care natural tips treat the face so that it glows white.

7 Natural skin care tips for your face

Lime and aloe vera.

1. Lime

Lime is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. This will help the skin to avoid acne, brighten the face, overcome excess oil, and remove dead skin cells.
Not only serves to whiten facial skin, skin care tips for the summer but the content of vitamin C in oranges is also able to skin care tips natural ward off free radicals.
How to treat a white facial face with lime:

  • Split the orange into two parts.
  • Apply to face evenly
  • Let stand for 30 minutes until it dries and then rinse with clean water.
  • To get optimal results, do this treatment regularly 2-3 times a week.

2. Aloe vera

Substances that repress the development of melanin which causes the face to obscure, in particular aloesin is in aloe vera. That is the reason numerous sorts of facial helping items join aloe vera in its structure. Aloe vera can work as a fig to treat the face so normally white.


  • Take the aloe gel in the center
  • Apply uniformly to your facial skin. Let represent 15 minutes
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Perform this treatment routinely in the first part of the day and night to get fulfilling results.

3. Papaya and Banana

  • Papaya

Papain catalysts in papaya can help recover the skin. Nutrients A, C, and E as cell reinforcements will feed and saturate your skin. Papaya will be a sunscreen or common sunscreen for your skin.


  • Blend the papaya. When delicate, use it as a cover
  • Let represent 30 minutes at that point flush with warm water
  • Perform this treatment 2-3 times each week will enable your facial skin to turn white in a characteristic manner.
  • Banana

Bananas are rich in vitamin C and naturally effective for whitening your face naturally. How to treat white agar face with banana:

  • Blend 1 banana until it’s soft and then add 1 tablespoon honey
  • Mix until smooth and apply on face
  • Allow to dry for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water

7 Natural skin care tips for your face

5. Tomatoes and Strawberry

  • Tomatoes

The next way to treat a white face is to use tomatoes. The anti-oxidant compound, lycopine, is in tomatoes which has been shown to counteract free radicals so that the face is bright and radiant. Tomatoes can also be a natural sunscreen to minimize damage caused by UV light.

How to use it is:

  • Mash the tomatoes until they become porridge, then apply to the face
  • Let stand for 30 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.
  • Do how to naturally treat this white face so regularly 2-3 times a week for tips for skin care optimal results.

6. Strawberry

Ellagic is in strawberries which is good for dealing with black spots on the face and can brighten your face naturally.

How to naturally treat white faces using strawberries is as follows:

  • Blend the strawberry until soft
  • Mix with milk until thickened
  • Use as a face mask

7. Bengkoang

Heaps of excellence items that contain bengkoang as dye. This is on the grounds that bengkoang is wealthy in nutrients B and C which assume a significant job in brightening the face and keeping the face spotless and shining.

It’s simple:

  • Grate bengkoang until delicate, at that point press.
  • Use the juice as a characteristic face cover
  • Let represent 20 minutes at that point wash with clean water
  • Perform this treatment normally