Laser Hair Removal Aftercare 12 facts you need to know

Congratulations on finally determining to beat the physical body that is pesky with laser hair removal! This was a determination that is make that is tough but it’s the one that you’ll be delighted you made for years to come.

Now it’s time to learn so how  to take care of your self with laser hair removal aftercare. At Pure Touch Laser Center, we always advise our clients on what you should do before and after getting laser hair removal.

We desire to make sure that the process goes as efficiently and efficiently for every patient as you are able to. In the event  you’ve forgotten by  what things to do after your treatment, we’ve put together a listing of need-to-do items to make laser that’s sure reduction aftercare that is appropriate. Let’s get going!

If you’re considering hair laser removal, its smart to understand up. I am aware you’ll be lured in by the vow of a life that is stubble-free but it is oh-so important to learn up on the reality (and effects which can be unwanted first, to be certain the procedure works  for you.

You can find so a variety of choices when it comes to hair treatment, from waxing to threading and shaving to tweezing, but laser treatment is certainly one of  the few choices that provides a more way that is permanent of rid of human body hair (if you would like too).

I went under  the laser ( within the real name in research, obvs) and listed here is  what I learnt…

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Guide

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Guide


1. The process sounds painful, but  isn’t too bad

Dr. Daron Seukeran, Group health Director during the sk:n clinic describes that laser treatment functions sending the light of the laser through the pigment in the hair. “This (light) converts to heat, which damages the hair follicle and hair bulb.” I discovered it to become  an instant, sharp pain which I found more painful on slimmer skin near my nose, chin and temples.

Fortunately the lasers utilized on me possessed a cooling system (fundamentally a constantly operating blast that is cold of right in which  the laser was pointing) which really helped. I additionally discovered it more painful if my own body temp finished up being raised due to operating across city making  it on time for my appointment. Heat + heat = ouchies. More on this later on.

2. Patience pays off It takes two or three days after very first therapy to view  a positive change, and 8 -12 treatments to get  the result that is complete.

We started seeing results which are genuine 2 treatments or 2 months. You also have to  be actually regular with your appointments because your locks  follicles are typical at different phases of the growth, so  you wish to make certain an opportunity is had by every one to have zapped.

3. You’ve got to make use of a hair trimmer/shave the area that is certain you laser (  same goes for makeup products)

The laser can react with locks in the skin’s surface that may cause some irritation and maybe dreaded hair that is burnt which i ran across hand that is first yay. Happily we knew that entire ‘shaving = thicker darker hair’ was a actually common beauty myth for me personally.

4. It’s actually a process that is pretty is fast

I go set for the face that is complete and they only take 20 moments, including a chat that is quick makeup products elimination during  the start. Yes, I had to reapply my makeup but at minimal i  could later go out. Priorities.

5. You can’t go directly to  the gymnasium afterwards

Heat from the laser remains in your epidermis for 24 hours so no gym, saunas, hot showers, you will get  it. You run the risk of creating a lovely environment that is warm bacteria to multiply and present spots if you do.

6. prepare yourself to think really in relation to  the sun

Your dermatologist will advise  what is most helpful you will require to avoid sunbathing and sun publicity whenever possible before and after treatment for you, but. Also if you have a tan you’ll need to hold back before you decide to can begin your therapy till it fades. Once once again, your dermatologist will check in you don’t have a holiday coming up which might affect the timing of your next appointment with you about upcoming breaks to be certain. Stay peeps that are safe.

7. Laser  treatment can trigger more growth in some instances

It’s true, specific types of hair are stimulated into growing longer and thicker. But worry that is don’t if hair is not suitable, your dermatologist enables you to know.

8. You will need  to switch your beauty regime up and items

Scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol ointments must certanly be avoided 2 days before and after treatment. We additionally started face that is using and added extra moisturisers to my regime when  we got much  more dry. It’s suggested that for a 2 week period before and after laser, you avoid chemical peels and likewise you should wait weeks that are 1-2 using tan that is fake.

9. Laser hair removal has one or more benefit

I surprised to learn laser can in fact help  with irritating AF hairs that are ingrown from clearer, smoother epidermis and hair that is permanent, laser hair removal also boasts benefits including helping to lessen hairs which are ingrowing  less discomfort of one’s epidermis. This will be since the therapy encourages hair to grow straight,” said sk:n’s Head of Medical Standards, Lisa Mason.

10. You can’t pluck, dye or wax hair

Plucking, bleaching and waxing impedes the process. In the event that  you want to  be hairless throughout the procedure, go the shaving route instead. You’ll need these tips to last longer make each shave though.

11. It really works on all epidermis tones

The locks simply requires to be dark sufficient to drawn the laser. sk:n use long pulsed NDYAG lasers – which are safer for treating pigmented or darker skin tones.

12. You may need to return for top up treatments

Most people report 90 percent reduction that is permanent locks growth but fluctuating hormones can make hair develop back.

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